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STG Pizzeria / Gelateria

Specialty and Tradition, Guaranteed.
Tulsa, OK
1,200 sf

Working with the masterminds behind Andolini’s, 1Architecture designed a space that was well suited to this fast-paced dining experience. In the shell of a forgotten downtown parking garage, the new space prominently showcases the bright red, tiled Stefano Ferrara oven. Written across the oven is a constant reminder that these obsessively crafted pizzas are being prepared not in the Italian countryside that your taste buds might believe, but in Tulsa. Pizzas are done cooking after just 90 seconds in the 950° oven, so it made sense to provide a central serving counter, rather than the need for a large wait staff.  If you are craving a quick bite of authentic, delicious pizza, or delectable gelato before a night out in Tulsa’s Deco district, check them out. You won't be sorry. Guaranteed.