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Eufaula Indian Health Center

A view to nature for healing.
Eufaula, OK
75,000 sf

The new Eufaula Indian Health Center is an all-inclusive health clinic that takes the place of the Tribe's existing facility and provides an expanded number of services to patients. The existing clinic is very old and is roughly 1/10th the size of the new clinic. Design of the Eufaula Clinic is heavily influenced by exterior views, sustainability, an improved work environment, and the expanded services offered.  A simple form with intersecting corridors was chosen as the starting point for the plan of the clinic. Upon request of the client, the main entrance was to face east and be centrally located to ensure the best visibility from Highway 69. Views to the exterior help bring the outside indoors and create a pleasant environment for employees and patients. The viewer is able to see in all directions where two main corridors intersect, allowing for clear views outside. Connection with the natural environment is expressed through voids in the plan to allocate exterior courtyards and areas of reflection while an interior courtyard acts as a focal point and way finding device for patients waiting in the main lobby. Curved corridors were introduced to activate and direct the flow through the clinic. The project  includes several sustainable features such as geothermal, rainwater collection, rammed earth, all LED lighting, natural daylighting, and many products made from recycled content.