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Altamont Apartments

A historic building gets a brand-new outlook.
Tulsa, OK
23,000 sf

Altamont Apartments is a 1930s four-story apartment building located at the southern edge of downtown Tulsa. Originally constructed as a hotel with no elevator and shared bathrooms, the project’s major improvements included reconfiguring the plan for individual bathrooms in each unit and adding an elevator while maintaining the character of the architecture. There were multiple parameters to navigate due to its historic significance combined with multiple sources of funding. The building is eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so special care was taken to ensure all requirements of this designation were met. The project was funded with a combination of federal, state, and private funding, so the project team worked diligently to meet each investor’s criteria. In addition to meeting these standards, the renovation was successful in its most important objective: providing safe, comfortable housing for its current and future tenants.