When organizers of the Great Plains Low Impact Development Innovation Symposium announced their 2014 Low Impact Design Competition we were interested it’s what we do after all.

When they announced that the urban site selected was the block in front of our front door we were determined.

We teamed up with DRM Design Group and Sanders Engineering and delivered a new riff on an older plan for the street – a new approach to infrastructure development in the City of Tulsa.

With their ‘Green Streets’ and ‘Mixed-Use Development’ submissions to the Green Country Low Impact Development (LID) Competition, 1Architecture and their team presented functional, attractive, creative, economical, and sustainable solutions to complex issues in northeast Oklahoma. Participation by a firm that’s been on the forefront of sustainability in the Tulsa region definitely helped bring credibility to the Competition. It’s great to know that we have such a resource in Oklahoma – they are definitely on the leading edge of Low Impact Design.
— Jason Vogel, Ph.D., P.E., Green Country LID Competition Executive Director

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