Urban, Imagine
Tulsa, OK
1500 ft
Conceptual Design

The Tulsa Crossing design is anchored by a gateway and tower symbolizing Tulsa’s future and past. The arrangement of the paths linking the two landmarks represents the relationship and contrast between manufactured and natural environments. The gateway emphasizes a sense of arrival at the bridge from A Gathering Place for Tulsa while representing the aspirations of Tulsa’s future.

The gateway aligns with the tower to frame a view of the landmark destination across the river. The tower is constructed of reclaimed elements of the historic Zink Pedestrian Bridge to honor Tulsa’s past. The visual connection of the vertical elements suggests a dialogue about reflection on the past while looking through the lens of intentions for the future.

The first path is a straight bike path, echoing the linearity of the former train tracks to represent the built environment. The second path undulates and weaves to form a meandering course for those walking across the river. The bridge descends toward the water to engage the low water dam then rises to provide views to Turkey Mountain and downtown Tulsa. Vertical gardens bring nature onto the bridge and provide relief from the sun and wind. The result is a topography of varied materials, light, views and functions.

Up close, the Tulsa Crossing not only acts as a bridge across the Arkansas River, it provides a place to stay a while. From a distance, it serves as an iconic landmark depicting the intersection of community, industry and landscape that is so integral to Tulsa’s history and future.

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