Beyond the familiar medium of buildings, architects have often applied their knowledge of design to some of the more traditional schools of art, such as sculpture, drawing, sketching, or painting. Through these works, architects commonly seek to capture their interpretations of space or the environment. The most familiar expression of these studies is through the classic architectural sketch, a discipline still deeply ingrained in the curriculum of many architecture schools across the world. Additionally, many designers develop a passion for painting, a medium which has had a profound impact on architectural theory and design. 

At the 1Architecture office, many of our designers enjoy pronouncing their passion for design outside of the built environment. Molly VanLandingham, an Architectural Design graduate of the University of Arkansas, explores the study of movement and spatial depth through abstract works that utilize texture and paint, as well as a unique range of materials that push the viewer to think outside of the box.

Molly articulates a way to illustrate fluid movement with rigid, straight lines by means of careful composition, much like the way designers contemplate the nature and formation of movement through space. Light and shadow, two fundamental considerations of architectural design, come to life in her workings of contrast, color values and balance, and the incorporation of uncommon materials to provide physical depth which interacts with setting to capture light and cast shadows. Her exploration of light, shadow, and space is also strongly exhibited in her graphite studies, as well as in her landscape watercolors which employ various levels of contrast to blur the distinctions between earth and sky.

To view more of Molly's collection, visit MAV Works.